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Stories Without Words

A 6 song EP of instrumentals that tell stories…without words


A collection of 12 songs taken from the Walt Disney Music library and containing songs from classic Walt Disney films and theme park attractions.

Newest Singles

Check out these latest songs including ‘Choose The Good’, ‘After The Rain’, ‘Through Different Eyes’ and more


Home to the music of composer and musician David Recchione. An accomplished piano player, David has been creating music for over 40 years. His writing styles range from Light Jazz to Symphonic to Singer/Songwriter and can be found on the pages of this website.

DJRMusic is also home for anyone looking for someone to compose music. Whether you’re a podcaster looking for an opening theme or a video producer looking for someone to score the music for their project, just click on the information button below to get information on how David’s years of experience can help out.

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Film and TV Music / Composer For Hire

David also composes music for other media including Film, video and podcasts.

Click on the button and check out music David has composed for other projects and how you can start with a free, no-obligation consultation to get the conversation started.

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