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Make Your Brand Unforgettable


Are you looking for some opening music for your podcast?  Don’t know where to go and how to start? I understand. It’s a big decision.

My name is David Recchione and I have been writing music for most of my life.  I’ve been fortunate to work on some amazing projects throughout my career and I would love to be able to help you out.  

Music is the first thing your listeners will hear.   It sets the tone for your show.   You want your show to be unique and separate it from the other shows.  A great theme song can help with that.  Just like your logo, it’s part of your branding for your show.

Think of some major companies.  McDonald’s, for example, has had a long history of signature tunes.  Your song will be your signature tune and no other company can use it to identify their business.  And that is the major reason why you want to have a song composed just for you.

No Musical Background Needed


So the next step is to find a composer to work with and when you find one, how can you explain to them exactly what you need?

Talking to an expert in a field sometimes can be a scary task.  Most of the time experts will have their own terms and language when describing their service.  I know I feel this struggle anytime I have to bring my car in for repairs. Musicians are no different.

There is a language that musicians use when describing how music is created and played.

If someone does not have any musical background, talking with a composer could be a struggle.

This is where my expertise can help you out.  I’ve worked on many projects for clients that had no musical background and was able to create songs tailored to their exact needs.  I know how to bridge the gap between musician and non-musician and I would love to help you out.

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Topics to discuss when hiring a composer

As a thank you for visiting DJRMusic, I would like to send you a gift.  I have created a brochure called “Topics to discuss when hiring a composer”.  I believe that if you follow the tips, you will feel more comfortable when talking with a composer and will be able to clearly articulate what you need and, in the end, get your money’s worth and a composition you are completely happy with.

Below you will find 3 different packages that I’m currently offering to help podcasters.  I’m certain one of the packages will completely satisfy your needs at an affordable price.

In addition to the 3 packages, I offer a completely free, no-obligation consultation where we can get together and talk about your show and your needs.

Listen to these music samples

Theme song for the award winning podcast “WDW Radio” hosted by Lou Mongello

      The WDWRadio Podcast opening

Podcast from the founder of PSBCreative Arts, Pete Bush

      P.S. Be Creative Podcast opening

Upbeat intro featuring piano and soprano sax

      Upbeat opening

Upbeat intro that builds excitement to the end

      Game Show Opening

Relaxing Piano intro layered with strings

      Piano and Strings opening

How the process works

Step 1

All the podcast packages start with a free of charge initial consolation to discuss what you’re looking for and what your needs are.

Step 2

Select one of the packages below.  I’ll compose the initial demo songs determined by the packages selected.

Step 3

After the demo songs have been composed, we’ll meet again to talk about the songs and select the song that you want.  At that time a 50% deposit will be required. I will finish the final version of the song along with any other features of the package selected.

Step 4

A final review will be scheduled to make sure all the initial requirements have been met and you are satisfied.  The remaining balance will be due before the delivery of the final product.

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